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《新观点英语》全套单词全析全解全集(第2-5集)第二册5课《新观点英语》第二册Lesson 5词汇表(标★的为焦点必备词汇)1. pigeon [pidʒin] n.鸽子2. ★message ['mesidʒ]n.信息3. ★over ['əuvə] v.越过4. ★distance ['distəns] n.距离5. ★request [ri'kwest] n.要求,请求6. ★spare [speə] 备件7. ★service ['sə:vis] n.业务,服务《新观点英语》第二册Lesson 5通览课文,掌握大意。相识生词,目的明确。1. pigeon [pidʒin] n.鸽子1.pigeon n. 鸽子1 [可数C or 不行数名词U] a large usually grey bird, which is often seen in towns sitting on buildings in large groups, and is sometimes eaten as food2. pigeon[C] 信鸽a pigeon kept as a pet in order to take part in flying competitions①racing/homing pigeons 赛鸽/信鸽②be not your pigeon UK 习习用语 old-fashioned, not be your responsibility不是(你)的责任③That's not my pigeon .这不归我管。2. message ['mesidʒ] n.信息[C]INFORMATION⑴message信息;消息;口信a short piece of information that you give to a person when you cannot speak to them directly①If I'm not there when you phone, leave a message.如果你打电话时我不在,就留个口信。

[message+ that同位语从句]②I got a message that she'll be late.我获得消息,说她会迟到。⑵message , 思想,(书、影戏或戏剧的)要旨,寓意,中心思想The film's message is that rich and poor are alike.这部影戏旨在告诉人们富人和穷人是相似的。

⑶get the message 领会含意,明确(习习用语idiom) to understand what someone is trying to tell you, even if they are not expressing themselves directlyI never answer his calls and I ignore him every time I see him, so he'd get the message.我从不接他的电话,每次见到他也不予理睬,所以他会明确我的意思吧。⑷ get the message across使人意识到,让人明确【习习用语idiom】,to make someone understandWe need to get the message across that too much sun is dangerous. 我们需要让人们明确过多的日晒是危险的。

⑸message verb发短信 [T]to send someone a text messageI messaged him yesterday but haven't had a reply. 昨天我给他发了短信,但没有回音。3. over ['əuvə] v.越过(1)over ACROSS 越过,从一边到另一边: across from one side to the other, especially by going up and then downShe jumped over the gate.她跃过大门。The road goes over the mountains, not through a tunnel. 这条路并不是穿过隧道,而是翻山而过。

Modern tanks travel over the most difficult ground. 现代化的坦克能在最难通行的门路上行驶。(2) over 更高处, 在…上方 it". 门上方的牌子上写着“出口”She held the umbrella over both of us. 她给我们两人都撑着伞。Planes dropped leaflets over the city.飞机在都会上空散发传单。

(3)over,COVERING,涂盖,笼罩;在…上部 in a position that is covering something①Put a clean cloth over the cakes while they cool.在蛋糕变凉的时候放一块洁净的布在上面。②I put a shawl over my shoulders.我在肩上披了条围巾。(4)over:FALLING坠落,从…坠落 falling down from somewhereThe apple rolled over the edge of the table.苹果从桌边滚了下来。

(5)falling because of stepping on something因为踩到某物而摔倒She tripped over the rug. 她被小地毯绊倒了。(6) over: more than 凌驾, 在…以上,多于①In China, children over the height of 1.2m (= taller than 1.2m) must have full-price tickets.在中国身高1.2米以上的孩子必须买全票。②I value quality of life over money.我把生活质量看得比款项更重要。

向英雄致敬!为中华崛起而努力念书!(7) increasing to further than a particular limit or point 凌驾They are already $10million over budget.他们的花费已经凌驾预算1000万美元了。(8) over and above(习习用语)此外,in addition to除了,此外,另外They receive extra money over and above the usual welfare payments. 除了通常的福利费以外他们还收到一笔分外的津贴。

(9)over OTHER SIDE:另一边, 在…的另一边There's a pub over the road we could go to.我们可以去路那里的一家酒馆。(10)over CONNECTED WITH与…相关的,与…有关,关于,因为There's no point in arguing over something so unimportant. 争论这样的小事毫无意义。(11)over DURING 在…期间①I was in Hangzhou on business over the summer.整个夏天我都在杭州公干。②Shall we discuss it over lunch?我们边吃午饭边讨论这个问题好吗?(12)over 感受好些;从(疾病或不愉快的履历中)恢复过来 FEELING BETTER,be/get over sth恢复过来:①It takes you a while to get over an illness like that. 得那样的病需要一段时间才气恢复过来。

②His girlfriend finished with him last year and he's not over her yet. 去年他女朋侪就跟他分手了,但他仍难以释怀。(13) over 控制; (在控制或管教方面)在…之上,高于,含有CONTROL 的意义The victory over the Japanese at Menglianggu was our greatest triumph.在孟良崮打败日本鬼子是我们最大的胜利。(14)over 使用,用using,They spoke over the phone. 他们在电话里攀谈。

(15) over MATHS除以①9 over 3 is 3.9除以3即是3。有关over词义、用法、习用语等更详细全析全解,请进入头条大嘴英《新观点英语500焦点单词全解(10)over》4. distance ['distəns] n.距离1. distance n. SPACE 空间;距离,旅程 [Countable n. or Uncountable n.] the amount of space between two places①What's the distance between Lanzhou and Xi'an/from Lanzhou to Xi'an? 兰州与西安相距有多远?②He travels quite a distance (= a long way) to work every day. 他天天上班的路途很远。③Does she live within walking distance of her parents? 从她的住处到怙恃家可以走着去吗?2. 注意下面两个介词短语是有关distance的高频考点的区别① at a distance: from a place that is not near从远处,自远处from a distanceFrom a distance he looks a bit like Zhao Benshan.从远处看他有点儿像赵本山。

② in the distance: at a point which is far away 在远处On a clear day you can see the temple in the distance. 在晴朗的日子里,远处的庙宇清晰可见。3.distance 冷漠的行为,疏远;MANNER 方式 [S or U] behaviour that shows little interest or friendlinessI noticed a certain distance between father and son. 我注意到父子之间有些疏远。

4. 动词习习用语idiom①go the distance: to manage to continue until the end of a competition 坚持到角逐竣事②keep your distance: to avoid going near someone or something, or to avoid getting too friendly with people 保持距离③I've tried being friendly but she keeps her distance. 我一直努力向她示好,但她却一直与我保持着距离。④distance yourself from sth , to become or seem less involved or connected with something疏远与…的距离,不靠近⑤The leader has recently distanced himself from the partner.该向导人最近疏远了与他的搭档的关系。

5. request [ri'kwest] n.要求,请求1. request n.(礼貌,正式的)要求,请求[C or U] when you politely or officially ask for something①They received hundreds of requests for more information. 数以百计的人要求他们提供更多的信息。[ request + 后接不定式做定语 to infinitive]②The boss refused our request to leave work early. 老板拒绝了我们早下班的请求。

③The clause was added to the contract at Catherine's request (= because Carlos asked for this). 这一条款是在凯瑟琳女士的要求下添加到条约中的。④An application form will be sent to you on request (= if you ask).申请表格承索即寄。2. request [C-countable noun ]点播的歌(或节目等) a song or something similar which someone has asked to be included in a show or on the radio ①The next song is a request for Catherine in Beijing. 下面这首歌是为北京的凯瑟琳点播的。②The next song is a request from Catherine in Beijing. 下面这首歌是北京的凯瑟琳点播的。

3. request verb (礼貌,正式的)要求,请求 [T] used to ask for something politely or officially[request + that宾语从句,从句中用(should)+动词原形]①We requested that the next meeting be held on a Friday. 我们要求下次集会星期五举行。[request + obj + to infinitive] objectcomplement复合宾语②Visitors are requested not to walk on the grass. 要求游客们不要蹂躏草地。③I requested a taxi for 8 o'clock. 我要了一辆出租车,8点过来。

6. spare [speə] 备件Ⅰ. spare [speə] 基础词义双解及用法举例。spare基本词义主要有: 抽出,匀出,饶恕,尽心尽力,不用的,闲置的,备用的,外加的,备用品,备用轮胎,多余的,空闲的,节约1. spare n.备用品 [C] an extra thing which is not being used and which can be used instead of a part which is broken, lost, etc.(汽车或其他设备的)备件,配件 [C usually plural通常都是用复数]2. spare adj. 分外的,备用的;多余的If sth. is spare, it is available to use because it is extra①a spare key/tyre备用钥匙,轮胎②spare sheets and blankets多余的床单和毛毯③Have you got a spare pen?你有多余的笔吗?④We've got a spare room if you want to stay overnight with us.要是你想在我们这里留宿的话,我们有一个空房间。

⑤---Do you want this cake?---Yes, if it's going spare (= if no one else wants it).你要这块蛋糕吗?如果没有别人要,就给我吧。3.spare adj.空闲的,spare time空闲时间①I like to do a bit of gardening in my spare time. 我业余时间喜欢搞点园艺。②Could I have a word with you when you've got a spare moment/minute? 如果你有时间,我能否和你谈两句?4. to spare v. 抽出,匀出,留出;匀出①Five minutes is all that I can spare for you.五分钟是我能给你的最长时间了。

②If you can spare a week or two, pack your bag because September will be your best month to go. 如果你能留出一到两周,整理好你的行李,9月是最好的时机。5. spare v. [T](尤指在自己难题的情况下)给,抽出,拨出[ spare + two objects]①Could you spare me 100 yuan?你能匀给我100元吗?②I'd love to come, but I'm afraid I can't spare the time.我很想来,但恐怕没时间。6. spare剩下,多余 meaning left over or more than you need①If you've got any wool to spare when you've finished the pullover, can you make me some gloves? 如果你织完毛衣套衫还剩下毛线的话,可以给我织副手套吗?②I caught the plane with only two minutes to spare. 我遇上飞机时距离起飞只剩两分钟了。③There's no time/We've got no time to spare if we want to get the article written by tomorrow. 如果我们想明天就把这篇文章写完,那么就没剩几多时间了。

Ⅱ. Spare熟词生义1. spare adj.瘦高的,瘦长的He had the spare build of a runner.他有着赛跑运发动的瘦长体型。2. spare adj.简朴的,未装饰的The interior is spare, almost minimalist.内部是简朴的,险些是最简朴的。3. spare v. SAVE 拯救;饶恕;不伤害;不破坏 [及物动词T]They asked him to spare the women and children.他们要他放过妇女和儿童。

4. spare v. AVOID 制止; 使制止,使免遭 [spare + 跟双宾语two objects]①Not a man was spared. 无人得以幸免。②Luckily, I was spared the embarrassment of having to play the guitar in front of everyone, for I am not good at it. 幸运的是,我躲过了在大家眼前弹吉他的尴尬,因为我基础不怎么会。5. spare简普的: Inside, the two small rooms were spare and neat, stripped bare of ornaments.进去以后是两个简朴而整洁的小房间,朴实无华,没有什么装饰。

Ⅲ. 常用spare习用语idiom1. go spare (习用语)很恼火,很生气She goes spare if I'm so much as five minutes late. 如果我迟到5分钟,她就会很生气。2. spare no effort/expense v. TRY HARD 努力实验,尽心尽力/不惜工本[spare + 动词不定式to infinitive]①We will spare no effort to find out who did this. 我们会尽心尽力,一定查出是谁做了这件事。

②The government is determined to spare no effort in investigating this case thoroughly政府决议尽心尽力地彻底观察这个案子。3. not spare 竭尽全力,全力以赴She never spared herself in the pursuit of excellence. 她竭尽全力追求卓越。

4. spare a thought for sb替(某人)着想Spare a thought for me tomorrow, when you're lying there enjoying yourself, because I'll still be here in the hospital. 明天你躺在那里享受的时候,替我想想吧,因为我还在这里住院呢。5. spare sb's blushes 不使(某人)酡颜,制止让(某人)难为情①Spare the rod and spoil the child. (谚语) 孩子不打不成器。愛之深,責之切。

②Age does not spare people, season does not spare days.年龄不饶人,节令不饶天。6.spare sb's feelings不惹某人难受;制止触及某人的痛处to be careful not to do or say anything that might upset sb有关spare词义、用法、习用语等更详细全析全解,请进入头条大嘴英《新观点英语500焦点单词全解(8)spare》7. service['sə:vis] n.业务,服务中国(北京)国际服务商业生意业务会缩写CIFTIS,缩写的S就是ServiceChina Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services1.n.业务,服务,服务性企业(或行业、业务)a business whose work involves doing sth for customers but not producing goods; the work that such a business does①The bus service stops at midnight.公共汽车午夜停止服务。②The store offers a gift-wrapping service.这家商店提供礼物包装服务。③A new late-night service is now operating.现在推出一项新的深夜服务。

2. service 公共服务系统,公共事业 [C] a system or organization that provides for a basic public need,for example:①the postal service 邮政系统the ambulance service 救护车服务the health service 卫生系统2.service [C or U] 系统的运行the operation of a system①There isn't any railway service on Sundays. 星期天火车不运行。②They hope to be operating a normal service as soon as possible. 他们希望能尽快使服务保持正常运营。有关service词义、用法、习用语等更详细全析全解,请进入大嘴英《新观点英语500焦点单词全解(9) service》3. We stopped at the services to get petrol.我们在服务站停下来加油。

4.The only trouble with this café is that the service is so slow. 这家咖啡馆唯一的缺点就是服务太慢。5.There is a 10% service charge included in the bill. 账单包罗10%的服务费。

6. She was given the award for a lifetime of public service.她一生为民众服务,因此获得奖励。7. I may be needing the servicesof a surveyor soon, as I'm buying a house.我不久可能需要一名衡宇判定人,因为我想买房。8.service习习用语idiom⑴in service在服役;在使用中in useThe battleship has been in service since 1995. 1995年以来,这艘战舰一直在服役。(2)be in service,to be employed as a servant 当佣人,当仆人⑶be of service (to sb), to help someone资助(某人);(为某人)帮助Thank you so much for that." "I'm glad to have been of service.谢谢你帮了我的大忙”“很兴奋能帮上你。

⑷do sb a service, to do something to help someone 资助(某人)You've done me a great service - thank you.你已经帮了我的大忙——太谢谢了。【总结,本讲星标焦点词汇】★message ['mesidʒ]n.信息★over ['əuvə] v.越过★distance ['distəns] n.距离★request [ri'kwest] n.要求,请求★spare [speə] 备件★service ['sə:vis] n.业务,服务本文系原创,阅读先赞赏。侵权必追究,接待多赞赏。